8 Yr Old Sings “How Great Thou Art” And It Is Unlike Anything I Have Ever Heard Before. Beautiful!04:57

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Christian hymns are so soothing to listen to. There are many Christian hymns but one of my favorites is ‘How Great Thou Art’. I have heard many renditions of this song by varied and renowned singers. However, the video I just came across contains the best rendition of this song I have ever heard. And the artist behind it is not a popular adult, but an 8-year-old little boy.

Sam Santiago is now 13 years old. However, he was only 8 years old when this clip below was recorded. From this very song, Sam rose to the spotlight and thrived for his dream of becoming a renowned singer. Sam is really a very talented young artist. With his voice, he is able to capture anyone’s heart in an instant. You’ll love this rendition for sure!

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