A Cat Wanders Into A Bear Exhibit. But When THIS Happened, My Heart STOPPED!

When the visitors went to see the bears at the Folsom City Zoo in California one day, they were in for a great surprise. They saw a small stranger inside. At first they thought it was a tiny bear, but they were quite wrong. However, sometimes later they realized that it was a cat. Apparently, this stray cat had wandered inside this bear exhibit and made a special bond with the bear.

At the zoo, they spread out dog food for their bears in the morning as a treat. This stray cat wandered inside the zoo to pick some for herself. As soon as the zookeepers realized what this cat wanted, they started to put out the meal for her too. This cat, now named Little Bear doesn’t fear the bears and her best friend is a bear named Sakoa.

Watch their amazing friendship in the video below and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section.

[ytvid id= “vVBcbe_0Wj8”]

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