Ruthless People Shot This Poor Dog And Left Him To Die. But What Followed Next Left Me In Tears!

Dog rescue videos always give me teary eyes. But this rescue video below made me cry like never before! Even though dogs loyally and faithfully put themselves in danger to save their human friends, there are some horrible people who hurt and abuse them dreadfully.

Buck, this dog featured in the video below was found inside a garbage bag tied to a fence. He was shot all over his face and body several times. His owner must have thought that he was dead, but he was so wrong. This wounded dog was discovered by a stranger who was driving down the road and immediately called Tami Augustyn, an amazing individual dog rescuer. Tami took Buck to Animal Emergency Clinic in Conroe where Buck was evaluated and his condition was stabilized.

Watch this heartbreaking story in the video below. What are your thoughts about animal abuse? Do let us know in the comments section below.

[ytvid id= “RxcOGqt_1YU”]

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