Mom Caught Her Cats Doing THIS When She Was Out. Whoa… I’m In Total Shock!

Like dogs, cats are very playful. As most of you might know, having sibling in the house can cause fights to erupt and get pretty ugly. It is the same for the animal siblings as well. These cats in the video below, Stina and Mossy are always having a fight as well. But it seems like they have outgrown their old habit, well just for few hours!

Mom thought these 10 years old felines would jump out and fight any time. But to her surprise, they sat calmly in their bed and started having this deep conversation. Mom was so shocked that she couldn’t help but record this particularly bizarre moment. Well… this unbelievable moment lasted for an hour.

Watch this video below and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

[ytvid id= “z3U0udLH974”]

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