Rescued Pit Bull Runs ALL OVER This Place. The Reason WHY Will Leave You In Stitches!

Do you remember the first time you tasted pizza? You probably don’t remember, but I bet you might have smiled to taste such a delicious dish. Can you guess how your dog might react to eating pizza for the first time? If not, take this video below for example! You are going to crack up to see this.

Mighty Finn is a recently rescued pit bull. He was forced into dogfighting and had a really painful past. However, now he has been rescued and is learning all the new and fun things that dogs are supposed to know. In this video, Finn gets to eat pizza for the very first time and his reaction is leaving millions in stitches. His reaction won everyone’s heart and I am sure it will leave you with smiles as well.

Wait till you see his precious reaction. Did this crack you up? Let us know via comments!

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