Stray Dog Rescues Newborn Baby While Searching For Food

The world we’re living in right now is filled with despicable people who are motivated by selfishness. What these people sometimes do, is so disgusting that it makes me want to puke. This post shares the story of a baby that was left to die on the streets by a sick person. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

A stray dog was in search of food when he came across new born baby. The baby was assumed to be only a few hours old, as the umbilical cord was still attached to its body. The hungry dog then picked the baby up with his mouth.

Image Credit: Petsfans

Image Credit: Petsfans

But don’t get the wrong idea. He wasn’t thinking of eating the baby. He just wanted to find someone who could take care of the baby. So he picked the baby up and walked up to the closest home. He then very carefully put the baby down on the porch and began barking to let everyone know of the matter.

Image Credit: Petsfans

Image Credit: Petsfans

The family of that house opened their door after hearing the loud barks of the dog. They had the shock of their lifetime by what they saw. They hurried the baby to the hospital and only because of the dog, the baby was still alive. The parents who abandoned their newborn baby are horrible human beings – don’t you agree?

This dog deserves a reward for what he did. He has proven to us that stray dogs don’t deserve any of our unjustified hate. Don’t forget to SHARE this incredible post with everyone you know.

[h/t Pets Fans]

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