What Would You Do if You Found an Abandoned Dog Tied Up to a Tree?

Dogs are man’s best friends. They cheer us up when we have bad times and never will we see them unhappy if they are with us. They love to play along and just cuddle. Humans are dogs’ happy places. But why would someone tie a dog to a tree and leave him helpless? I find it disturbing that some people are like that. They treat animals as just another “thing” and take them for granted, and the worst, some people hurt them because of very shallow reasons.

Good thing there are also people who have kind hearts. Seymour was a dog who was tied up to a tree when a group of animal caretakers saw him and rescued him. Now he’s not just a very lively dog but a crowd’s favorite. See how Seymour’s life turned around after he was rescued! Don’t forget to share this video with your friends who hates animal cruelty and loves animals as much as you do! Spread the love!

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