When Nobody Was Looking, This Elephant Decided to Take a Tumble on a Trampoline. Simply Amazing.02:29

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I bet you can’t imagine seeing an elephant on a trampoline. Well, this famous artist could. Nicholas Deveaux, a French artist, is popular for his whimsical animations of animals doing distinctly human activities. His works are always very detailed and enchanting to watch. This video below titled ‘7 Tonnes 3’ is one of his short animated movies and it features an athletic elephant performing a set of remarkable flips. You’ll have to look twice to make sure this elephant is not real!

Everyone expects Nicholas to make one-of-a-kind animated movies and this video below sure is one of his best so far. His subjects are always so varied and unique. In this short movie as well, he lets his imagination go wild and puts human characteristics into the elephant. Thanks to this man, a lot of people’s wish of seeing an elephant doing acrobatics is now complete.

This video will take you to a completely different world. Watch this incredible video below and share your thoughts with us through your comments!

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