Head Butt Session With This Goofy Goat and a Calf! Watch This Funny Video!


Calves naturally learn how to use their heads for defense when they grow up. Goats and rams are also quite fond of using their heads. It is one of their ways to defend themselves from enemies, be they humans or animals like them. We call that a head butt. They tend to push their enemies or anybody who seems to want to harm them with their heads and horns.

But in this video, a funny goat teaches a bull calf how to do the head butt! I am sure you will be entertained by how confident this goat teaches the calf to push his head to his and do a head butt! Watch the whole video and see if the bull calf learned how to do a head butt.

[ytvid id=”SeZ1P1yf3mU”]

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