Mum was frustrated with the kids’ phone addiction, but she had a trick up her sleeve02:01

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It is safe to say that 21st century is the technological era. From the young to old, everyone has their own smartphones and tablets. It is true that these technologies have made our daily lives easy, but have you ever thought that maybe it is also enslaving the humanity and ruining our physical social life? This video features different families facing the problem of rude kids who are not letting go of their virtual world in their smart phone. But what these frustrated moms do next is going to shock you!

Dolmio, the Italian pasta sauce makers have come up with a brilliant idea to make the dinner time a happy time. They invented something that is able to completely cut off the signals of the technologies around and give the family chance to take the dinner time back. They call it “pepper hacker” and it was given to few frustrated mothers.

Wait till you see the end. Will you be using this technique if you had a chance to? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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