This Pittie Found His Favorite Girl and He Can’t Stop Kissing Her!

When we have pet dogs, we like to be around them, well, most of the time. Cuddling, rubbing, playing around, and kissing them are what we like most. Because dogs are naturally sweet, it’s not hard for us to give them tight hugs and kisses. But this pitty is the sweetest I’ve ever seen. Beau, the pit bull’s name, was found in a shelter by these owners and they instantly fell in love with him so they immediately brought him home and made him a part of the family.

And Beau sure did feel that, because as he grew up, he couldn’t stop being cuddly to her sister. Everytime they get together, Beau always wants to stick his face and body to her. See the whole video how Beau adores her sister so much! I can’t stop giggling when I watched his sweet gestures to his sister. How about you? do you like being around with your beds doing nothing but sweetness?

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