Woman Rides Her Horse With No Bridles. Now Pay Attention When She Does THIS Move! Unbelievable!

Horses are such magnificent beasts. They’ve been helping man ever since man required transport. Even before the invention of the wheel. Probably even before that. However, in this day and age we’ve all been consumed by modern marvels and technological feats that we’ve grown out of our bond with them. Our bond with animals in general. Maybe we have a house pet but that’s about it. When videos like these surface it really warms my heart to see that there are people still who share a unique bond with horses. That, mixed in with some natural talent and a whole lot of practice, make for this stunning performance you’re about to see.

In the video featured, Stacy Westfall makes the crowd drop their jaws when she majestically rides her horse, Can Can Vanquero. She chose to freestyle her bridleless horse. And the moment was only made better by Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ playing in the background. Watch as this young lady is able to beautifully maneuver this horse without any rein or bridle. Wow.

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[ytvid id= “4YCgsZmjsww”]

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