30 Japanese Hornets Launches a Terrible Attack to 30 Thousand Honey Bees. Will The Honey Bees Survive?

A bee sting is dangerous, especially when it comes from the Japanese giant hornet. As their name suggests, they are large, aggressive especially when triggered by certain factors. Their sting once injected into a human or animals, can be fatal because it damages the nervous system of its victim. If you are stung by these giant hornets, it is extremely painful and must be taken care of professionally in a hospital.

In this video is a tragic happening to 30,000 honey bees being attacked by only 30 Japanese giant hornets. Watch the full video and see how these Hornets brought the honey bee kingdom down by their sting. have you been stung by a bee? How did you feel and how did you treat it? can you imagine how the tiny honeybees felt when the Hornets are crushing them?

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