Huge Wild Bear Appears Behind a Man Fishing. Watch What Happened Next.01:26

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Imagine yourself peacefully sitting on a riverbank, in a fishing chair, with a rod, and of course, good food to complete this relaxed fishing experience. You are enjoying the moment, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city you are living until a big bear approaches you. How would you feel? Would you be scared? Excited? Happy?

Well, this man kept his cool and was able to take a video of this bear who acted like a human, silently looking at the riverbank and sat beside the man. Bears in the cartoons are really cute creatures. In real life, well, they are too, but somehow they can be harmful especially when triggered to defend themselves from any danger. Would you like to meet a bear someday, and I mean a bear, not within a cage? Watch the whole video how this friendly bear bid goodbye to the man he was sitting beside.

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