This Bulldog Was Feeling the Horror Scene So Much! Look What He Did During the Scary Scenes!

We watch horror movies, right? Some of us so love horror flicks, some don’t. Some watch but hold up a pillow behind their faces during the super scary parts! But does your pet dogs watch horror flicks, too? Well, this bulldog got up his courage and watched one all by himself.  During the scary scenes, he would bark so loud as if the girl on the screen is right inside the room!

In some scenes, he was acting like he’s getting ready to attack the ghost in the movie. I bet you would be laughing so hard when you see the whole video. do you have pet dogs who watch movies, too? What are their favorites? If you have one who watches horror flicks, share your experience with us! And don’t forget to share this video with your friends who love dogs and horror movies as well 🙂

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