These Cute Puppies Practice their Vocals. Watch This Fun Video!

Dogs and other members of the canine family naturally know how to howl. Howling is used by dogs to communicate, to attract attention, to contact fellow dogs, or simply to announce their presence. They also howl mimic and to answer back high levels of pitch that they hear for example car sirens, sharp and loud sound of musical instruments, and many others. Puppies start to howl or learn it at a certain stage.

That is what this cute video is all about! This is a showcase of cute pups trying their best to learn to howl. They have different styles, different pitches, and different ages when they started to howl. Do you love this kind of videos? Share to us what you think about these puppies learning to howl. do you find them cute, too?

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[ytvid id=”SuEVBZPykHg”]

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