A Father of Puppy Labradors Taught Them How to Swim! Watch this Adorable Video!07:24

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Who taught you to swim? What age did you learn how to swim? Did it become your favorite activity? My father was the one who taught me to swim. It happened when I was five. It was challenging at first, but I got through it and enjoyed it! Fathers want to teach their children survival, said my Dad. I believe that it was the same urge that made this father Labrador teach his pups how to swim.

Dogs naturally know how to swim but this Labrador dad went out of his way to teach his pups how to survive in water. See how they were enjoying the company of their dad while running and roaming around the beautiful place. it is evident that a father’s love knows no bounds. Fathers do everything just to make sure their kids are safe and ready for anything that could happen. Same with this Labrador dad, what he did was so touching!

Watch the whole video to see how adorable their moments were!


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