Owner Tries To Prank His Beagle, But It’s The Beagle’s Reaction That Will Crack You Up

Halloween is the time to dress up in scary costumes and have some fun playing pranks on loved ones. You might have been a victim of the classic trick of dipping an onion in caramel and offering it to people as a candy apple. Pranking isn’t limited only to people these days. The poor dog in the following video had no idea he was about to be pranked by his owners.

Maymo the beagle was minding his own business. He was sitting peacefully on the couch, when out of nowhere, a skeleton popped up from behind him. When he turned around to look, the skeleton was gone! This happened a few times more, after which Maymo finally comes face to face with the scary thing. After barking at it a little, Maymo comes to terms with it and even sits on the couch with him!

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