This Chef Says That EVERYONE Is Carving Their Turkey Wrong. How HE Does It? I Can’t Wait To Try!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and everybody is quite excited about the festival. If you are a mediocre cook like me, then you are most probably sweating like hell thinking about how to cook and present your turkey right? Well no worries! This chef in the video below gives us some brilliant tricks to carve turkey perfectly and not make fool out of ourselves during Thanksgiving dinner.

Mark Dommen is a chef-partner at San Francisco’s One Market Restaurant. Here, in his YouTube channel, he says that we have all been carving our turkey the wrong way. He strictly says that, we should NEVER use a blunt knife while carving the turkey and also should never carve it on the dinner table (no matter how much you want it). But the most important tip he gives is to separate the section of the bird before cutting it into pieces.

You’ll be more than thankful after watching this video. Do you have any other questions or suggestion? Feel free to write us back in the comments below!

[ytvid id= “iAe7-GpV98E”]

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