She Fixed A Hidden Camera. But What It Captured Her Fiancé Doing To Her Dogs Is Simply Outrageous05:51

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When she moved in with her fiancé, 26 year old Ninna Mandin from Rio de Janeiro started noticing some strange behavior from her dogs. Her Bulldogs named Gucci and Victoria also had some injuries on them. To find out the reason behind it, she set up a hidden camera. What it revealed is very disturbing. To her horror, her boyfriend had been inhumanly beating her dogs for no reason!

Ninna cancelled their wedding plans immediately after this incident. This horrifying news also caused a huge uproar in Rio where many people started an online appeal for the man’s arrest. According to report, the guy disappeared before his court hearing. Ninna has agreed to testify against him however.

How do you think should the man be punished? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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